Tricks aren't just for kids

I've always been in love with cereal box mascots. The ultimate example of marketing directly at children worked like a charm on me. Bright, sweet, fun Sugar Color Crunch in a box of cartoon comic book perfection. Shelved down to the floor, the characters all competed for who got to make eyes with me next.

Well hello.

I'm still in love with cereal box mascots--only now it's a full-blown obsession. I love staring at all the fan artwork created by other illustrators, obviously just as hypnotized in their youth. After surviving decades of passing fads, movies, and tv shows, these characters still inspire adult professional artists.

It's no surprise I ended up working in this industry. I'm possibly just as fascinated with the psychology of child messaging as I am with the animated barkers who shill it. I know I'm onto something when the pirate, alien, monster, or robot I just drew looks back into my eyes and whispers, "buy me."